Thursday, 15 August 2013

Simple pleasures

It has been a while since I went to my local library.  I decided to have a browse to get some new reading material for a cosy night at home.
I ended up with;
Two cook books by Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone
A novel that I had already read – bummer
The first and only fiction work by Woody Guthrie (still to read)
A novel by Nikki Gemmel – too explicit and cruel for me.  Not a genre I like to read – I got to chapter 3 and felt uncomfortable.  All kudos to Nikki for her writing however.
A book I had been trying to find elsewhere; by Kelli Cutrone … which my teenage daughter promptly grabbed and, after an hour, tells me ‘this book is great!’
Cosy night was had – blanket over knees; on couch with dog; glass of red and cup of green tea; reading cook books that made me feel hungry.  
Where's the chocolate? 

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