Monday, 30 July 2012

Don’t you love variety

I have to go on a ‘road trip’ tomorrow for work.  It is a three hour drive each way, to pick up some samples.

I know the way well, driving the route at least 5-6 times a year.  It takes me through hills and forests and small towns as well as right through the heart of Melbourne.  On a rainy day, or a sunny day, there is always something to see.  Eagles and hawks hovering, rainbows, gorgeous  huge white and grey clouds trying to lift over mountains in the distance, sometimes the scars from bush fires, the ‘grey’ tourist caravans (retired couples spending the inheritance!) with ‘Oscar and Violet, channel 79’ inscribed on the side of their van; just waiting for your radio call.  Love it!
You know the best thing about it.  The freedom.  You can stop at a local bakery at any time, you can play your favourite songs on the CD player and blare out a few tunes.  I like to take my camera and stop to take photos of nothing and everything.  But the best thing .... I am actually working.
I love my job.  But the variety is what keeps me fresh and keen.  If I had to spend each day behind the desk I would go stir crazy. 
I go ‘bush’ sometimes, or to business lunches, or give presentations interstate, even getting the morning coffee.
In your  own job, don’t the events that happen infrequently make your day?  When I was teaching high school, all those years ago, sports days or student free days just shook up the routine enough to make the rest of the week feel shorter and better.
When I was packing bulk goods in London (that was really ALL THOSE YEARS AGO) every time a new product came and we had to package it, it was great because we could look at the new stuff and laugh about it (Val Doonican sings the hits, again...) or wonder if we could use it (socks with individual toes – bought them, wore them, hated them, donated them to the second hand shop).
So, my road trip tomorrow; bring it on.  

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