Sunday, 15 July 2012

The shock of returning back to work.

Back today from a two week break at the glorious, rainy, cold sea change.  Feeling recharged and ready to go.
However, what a shock coming back to work.

Firstly, the old routine!
Up (groan, what time is it?), breakfast, feed dog, shower, what to wear ? (a whole other story!), gather ‘stuff’ to take, out of door running late .... already!!!!!!.

Arrive at work
How many emails?
Reply to the urgent ones
What has happened in the last two weeks? What do I need to know?
Pile of stuff on my desk to read (sigh!)
Make a to do list
I need a coffee .... Maccas coffee (not so mmmmmm)
Stress, stress, stress.  Write the blog during coffee break.
Help, I need a holiday. 

Exhausted already.

I’m baaackkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

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