Sunday, 9 September 2012


I finished most of the dining room at the 'sea change' over the weekend.  Before and after pics below. 

All furniture in this pic has come from the side of the road or, in the case of the dresser, a garage sale (thanks to my sister-in-law!).  Gorgeous colour, isn't it.

Although the pic is a bit blurry, it shows what I have done.   I painted the wall British Paints 'Still Stream' and 'Blueberry Ash'.  The picture frame around the darker blue panel is spray painted silver.  I am painting the skirting board a plain white.  Beach themed paintings came from a second hand shop. Nick-nacks and other bits also from second hand shops. 

Still working on the art work for the other wall and recovering the seating.  The 'gorgeous' lino floor will have to wait.  Not sure what to do about it yet, but it doesn't bother me too much so I can put up with it.  

I love the colours, and when the sunlight shines through the window the whole room just pops in the most serene way.  

Below is my sunroom.  Again, all second hand finds.  I stripped off all the curtains and will fix up the garden outside to make a view (not much to look at at the moment!)  Under the glass on the the coffee table I have an earthernware bowl with sea shore finds.  Still have to find a nicer throw for the couch.  


Am I obsessed with blue colours?  You betcha!  So serene.  

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