Monday, 3 September 2012


In theory, I shouldn’t like IKEA.  Lots of chip and particle board furniture with a limited life span, interspersed with some more expensive, yet classic, furniture.  Most of the furniture you can’t paint as it is coated with that masonite finish, and if you chip it, it looks shoddy.

IKEA is generally a bit ‘throw away’ and ‘everyone has a piece'.  I know I do, (more than one too)!

However,   when I visit an IKEA store (which I do this several times a year – a guilty pleasure) I get excited and want everything.  Why?  Because it is all so practical and logical and clean and creative. 

Hang on, did I say creative?  Yes, and artistically so too.  Has anyone looked at their latest catalogue?  All the resurgence of older style furniture, and crushed curtains with bohemian style beds, strewn with lots of clashing covers and pillows; very, very me. 

On my latest visit to the Springvale store in Victoria I took a few photos from the display in the foyer, and fell in love with the ideas.  (Wait and see what I end up copying at the seachange.)   I hope to finish one room this weekend so that I can post some photos – before and afters.  

Anyhow, IKEA pics posted below.  (Yes, I must be nuts!)

 Is it just me, or is this the latest in beaded curtains?

Who needs paintings, there is now 'materialings!'

Ha, walls as art!

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  1. That wall materialings pic reminds me of those things we used to do as a kid with the nails on a board and coloured yarn or cottons to make all different patterns.