Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Buying second hand books online

I was told about a fantastic on-line site run by the Brotherhood of St Lawrence (the charity organisation).  It is called ‘Brotherhood books’. 

It has all the books that are donated to all the Brotherhoods online, and you can order and buy them.  Best of all, if you buy 3 or more; the freight is free! (only in Australia I think, but they will send overseas).   The descriptor tells you the condition of each book before you buy it.

I have been buying books on Amazon because it is cheaper than book stores (sorry real stores!) but the freight is usually the downer – almost what the books cost to purchase.  I have just bought 7 books (6 novels and 1 info type book) from the Brotherhood for $45, with no freight. 

This to me is almost 100% a win/win. 
First, I get a deal.
Second, the Brotherhood make money.
Third, I am recycling used books rather than buying new.

If you love books like me, take a look at the site!

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