Monday, 8 October 2012


This is the first in a semi-regular post of things I see on my travels.  I love the ideas. 
Hope you get some inspiration from these too. 

I love the Ghanda* clothing store in Torquay, Victoria.  Apart from the graphics printed on the clothes (so gorgeous and kitch) their store has innovative and interesting decor ideas.  This GHANDA sign is made of nails with string wound around the nails.  I remember doing something similar to this in craft class at school, and I love this idea.  A sign for the front door would be great in this!

 (*I will post pics of Ghanda clothing soon, but you can Google their online shop.)

Outside 'the Dunes' cafe in Ocean Grove Victoria they have hand drawn a sign on a recycled piece of timber, and displayed it on an easel made of drift wood.   I would love to construct a similar easel and display a painting or print of an ocean-scape on it.  

This was also in a cafe, 'Replete' in Hawthorn Victoria.  In the 'ladies room' no less.
Very simple drawings, done on textured paper and simply framed.  It was very effective in the small space.  
Lots of parents frame the art of their children; the naive simplicity is enchanting.  

More to come!

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