Monday, 6 May 2013

All hail the Hoodoo Gurus!!! Dig It Up!!!!

In a blast from the past, I got to relive some of my inglorious uni days (with one of my BFF) when I went to the DIG IT UP extravaganza on ANZAC day this year.

The Melbourne Program for Dig It Up!

Firstly, I insisted on seeing the magical Ron Pino (ex Died Pretty) with his gorgeous emotive voice and erratic hand and arm movements.  His set was not long enough (never is).

Then, BFF and I wriggled our way to the front of a heaving, pulsing, mosh pitting hoard of youngish to middle-aged groovers (and the not so groovy) to be front row for three of the best fun bands.

It was all happening, with the Flaming Groovies (Chris, Cyril and George) providing lots of shimmy-ing and shaking .  BFF insisted that Cyril's Beatle-esque bowl-cut was a wig because she had a photo of him from the 90's where he was very receding (and she emailed it to me too .. so Cyril, your secret is out!). 

Chris - Flaming Groovies                                                                                             George - Flaming Groovies

 Cyril - Flaming Groovies - note the bowl-cut

Ahhhhh - Cyril is second in the line - note the hair line!

Flaming Groovies Melbourne Set List

Then, a musical masterpiece with the Blue Oyster Cult - all musical maestros and some serious heavy rock.   They were better than I remember them, and I remember them to be amazing! It was their first ever time in Australia.

I got a copy of their set list from the gig from a lovely roadie.  Treasure! 

Then - the Hoodoo Gurus! who played the entire Mars Needs Guitars album plus extras.  BFF was beside herself with excitement - being so near (but still so far) from the sexy Brad Sheppard.   He still had the kicks, splits and pelvic guitar playing going - and he must be over 50!  He actually still looks pretty good!  BFF got the set list from the Hoodoos (thank you again roadie) and that made her day.  

(Although the Hoodoo Gurus were good fun; playing straight after the Blue Oyster Cult you couldn't help but compare the musical genius of the Cult to the more basic music of the Gurus! Sorry guys - but still love ya!)

With ears ringing and sore hamstrings from bopping on the spot (shhhhh .... and a few too many apple ciders too)  we found our way to public transport and home to bed.

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