Thursday, 23 May 2013

(Borrowed moniker) - Things I love Thursdays (on Friday)

I am running around, working too much,  tired, stressing the small stuff, feeling transient and wandering aimlessly (sounds worse than it is, no panic).

Things seem impossible and too hard when I am in this frame of mind.  My dosha is unbalanced and I am not feeling my healthiest, best or brightest.  

A blog I follow; 'Gala Darling' has given me a jolt of guilt.

Gala, in her wisdom, reminded everyone to write a gratitude list.  She even offered the use of her moniker 'Things I love Thursday' (one day late for me!).

So, that is what I am going to do now, compile a list of what is good in my life today, not what is less than perfect.

I am grateful for: 

My loving family, (who I don't see as often as I want to)
My tolerant, wonderful friends - you know who you are
My dog, who loves me unconditionally, even if I am too tired to walk her
The sunny day outside, which I am going to walk in when I finish this posting - even though it is cold and windy
Porridge and honey.  
Two girls in a hot pink car (envy!) wearing outrageous beanies and singing and bopping to a song on the radio 
My sea change - which is waiting for me to return to..........

What are you grateful for today?  Let me know. 

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