Sunday, 5 May 2013

Being in hospitality is HARD WORK!!!

If you have been following my story so far this year, you will know that I am undergoing changes in careers/jobs/focus etc.

Interesting sociological stuff.  A psych could make a fortune out of me - another story ..... 

I recently completed my Cert 3 in Hospitality (which gives you all the Government qualifications etc that you need).  

Part of the certificate involved work experience in a (to be un-named) pub in Frankston (any Victorian will have heard more about the Frankston area than they want to!). 

My first shift was in the gaming room ... an eye opening and very sad and depressing place - especially to see how busy it was at 10.30am; how many alcoholic drinks were being consumed, and how much money was being fed to the one arm bandits.  
The ladies who work there full time were fantastic - but resigned to the job they had ... to make it as pleasant as they could for the patrons.  This was definitely not what I signed up for.

Second shift was in the night club on a Thursday night.  Music was good, but I really must be showing my age ... I have no idea how you are supposed to hear anything let alone a shouted drink order.  The other bar people were WAY COOLER than I was (waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy coooooooooooolllllllllleeeeeeerrrrrrrrr) and I was gob smacked by the number of  'shots' the 'customers' consumed .... jager bombs, skittle bombs, wet 'pussies' they were downing.

(Ha; that takes me back to the 'sex on the beach', 'slippery nipple', slow screw.........etc etc cocktail days).

 Am I really so old that I am surprised - a Thursday night, spending over $100 - $150 dollars on alcohol - and either on work assistance or (heaven forbid) still at high school (true!)?

I even met two of my ex-students from my dark and distant teaching days ... and they showed me pictures of their kids.  These two young ladies were 22 years old, on a night out together - neither were married or partnered - and one of them had a child of  7 years old. Yup - she was 15 - I wondered why she left school.

When I got home, ears ringing, I decided that the night club scene wasn't for me either.  All I really wanted was a nice quite bar or RSL!

Then a trial at a restaurant close to home .... bingo I hit the jack pot.  Yes busy, busy, busy, but friendly and generally nice customers with good tips.  Shifts will be casual but - hey - this is more my comfort zone.

I think more than anything the gaming room will haunt me for a while.  

The night club?  Some of the patrons will grow up and do something with their lives (all my mob of boozy rage-mates did!). Sadly, some will progress to the gaming room and fade away. 

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  1. Yukkkk! I think teen mums are all the rage in Frankston aren't they? Nice to see our tax dollars are hard at work supporting the drinking habits of young unmarried mums! Hospitality is're constantly on your feet all day/night. Good on you for giving something new a go :)