Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Spilling on my loved ones

My life in limbo is about to change.

I move into my new unit on Monday.  A place of my own again (if you don’t count sharing with daughter and dog!)   Lots of positives, such as close to work/lifestyle/beach etc.

In the last three months lots of long commutes, not having a grounded personal space (seachange being too far away for daily travel) or a steady routine lifestyle/hours has made me ...... hmmm, what is the phrase I am looking for????????

Sarah Wilson found it ... WOBBLY MINDED. 

This is what Sarah wrote on her blog (I have abridged it a bit).  I identify with what she wrote in almost every way.  (She is vata dosha too).

“...  living with a wobbly mind is akin to being charged with carrying around a large, shallow bowl filled to the brim with water. You have to tread carefully so as not to slosh it all out.
National Geographic

If you waiver and get unsteady, the water starts to slosh. And if you don’t bring yourself back quick enough, the sloshing gathers momentum and you lose it.
This means you have to return to the source and fill it back up again. Which is tiring. So tiring.
To carry the bowl steadily means walking a straight line. There will be scenarios and environments and people that simply are not conducive to your journey. They’re too bumpy or jarring or wobbly. Or crooked."
(My note: or just wrong at the time)
“(So I need to) build up more stability, bit by bit. So I can carry my bowl, full and unsloshy, so that I don’t spill on my loved ones too often. Yes, I’m tired of spilling on my loved ones”.

Big negative of moving? Leaving very, very dear and loved friend (who has housed me, daughter, dog and junk for three long months) who I have soaked from far too many sloshings.  

Today’s posting is for you.  Thank you.  And thank you to Sarah for the right words.  

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