Monday, 16 September 2013

faith in the goodness of people - do we reap what we sow?

Perhaps it is cynical of me ... but I never cease to be amazed in the goodness of people in the world. 

In a recent event, a family member left her purse on a bus ... with a lot of money in it.  And it was returned; intact. We had both thought it gone for good. 

Why were we surprised that it was returned?  Well, wouldn't you be skeptical? 

I told her that she now had to do something nice for a stranger today, to keep the good karma flowing. 

Do we reap what we sow? 

I had a different but positively humbling experience recently.  I was at the NGV for the Monet exhibition (glorious and gorgeous it was too).  I had gone there once before to try and get tickets; and the queue was miles long and the wait was hours.  

So, I went home and came another day - and the queue was even longer.  I must have looked so despondent because one of the attendants came to talk to me - and gave me a ticket - free - and let me in.  I was gobsmacked.  I also knew that I had to repay the good karma by doing something nice for someone. I hope I did enough.

I wonder, if we could start an avalanche of goodness ... if a small number of people decided to do something nice for a stranger ... and then the strangers repay it ... etc; whether we could get to the stage where, instead of being cynical about the goodness of people, we could generate trust. 

It would be nice - wouldn't it?

Do something nice for a stranger today.

Start the 'revolution'!

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  1. That post has put that John Lennon song Imagine in my head.