Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Sarah Wilson wrote in her blog today about the best tuna to buy ... which are most sustainable and which are lower in mercury.

She is also encouraging people to buy these products so that they stay on the supermarket shelves. A summary of her post is below. 

P.S. I usually get the Safcol brand in olive oil.  Would you believe that many other brands in ‘olive oil’ actually also have canola or other oil too.  Safcol is 100% olive oil and brine.  Yummy tuna too.
The ‘Portview’ brand is an Aldi brand but only comes in the smaller cans. 

Reasons for buying pole and line caught:
  • fewer sharks, turtles, whales and dolphins will be killed. 
  • the rate of fishing is more sustainable.
  • tuna species that are under pressure will be given a break.
  • more local fisherman can be employed. 
  • developing coastal nations will feel the benefit.
  • it won’t hurt your hip pocket.

Interesting to know: all the pole and line products (except Woolworths’) are skipjack tuna, which is significantly lower in mercury than yellowfin (which Sirena is full of).

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