Thursday, 30 August 2012

Twitter Trolls

I won't go into the details of the 'Charlotte Dawson v Twitter Trolls' incident that is unfolding in Australia at the moment. You can Google all that unpleasantness for yourself.

However: It is circumstances like this, the nastiness of the whole situation, that generates so much social angst and disharmony.  Worse; it encourages and justifies the negativity.

The fact that there was (reportedly) over 100 other 'trolls' posting loathsome comments on Charlotte's twitter account, regardless of what she said in the first place, is shameful.  Mass bullying in its worst form. And even more horrifying, those individuals who made fake accounts to remain anonymous.  More shameful.

Some of my previous posts commented on life expectancy, stress and social media.  Draw your own conclusions, but I believe that judgmental people, whether they are the instigator or the receiver, can't have calm, serene or happy lives. Who can be truly happy if they know their comments and actions can cause another person grief and pain.  For a brief moment of misguided triumph, they have caused the detrimental crumbling of another persons well being.

No congratulations to 'Trolls' of all types .... I hope that bad Karma doesn't follow you.  Try and do something positive and encouraging for someone beside yourself today, to offset the negativity.

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