Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Years Resolutions - Gala Darling

From a blog written by Gala Darling (if you have never read it; I highly recommend it).  

I love some of her New Year resolutions, and I thought I would share my favourites with you: Warning – some of them are a bit girly....

©      Keep champagne in the house at all times.
©      Add a big sparkly necklace to even the simplest ensemble.
©      Wear your favourite things until they are totally worn out (& don’t worry about saving them for a “special occasion”).
©      Celebrate everything & nothing
©      Eat smart, nutritious food.
©      Make an effort to sweat on a regular basis.
©      Think before you purchase.
©      Sell or donate anything you don’t wear.
©      Get your feet dirty, & leave the beaten track.
©      Do things that are out of character or terrifying… Take a risk! Leave safety behind you. Don’t conform just because you’re afraid.
©      Spend time volunteering. Donate money to your favourite causes. Make an effort to recycle.
©      Be more compassionate, less judgmental

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