Monday, 25 February 2013


What do they say? be careful what you wish for.

Melbourne has been experiencing a record hot and dry spell (14 days above 30C- or 86F and no rain).  Everything in the garden was shriveling and people with no air conditioners were suffering. 

I love this weather and love the whole dry hot, but I feel for my mother, who at 86 is suffering from the heat quite severely.  Also, my garden (not my garden for much longer - move out in 3 weeks, and still no where else to live!) is crisp - even though I was watering the trees to keep them going.

So, yesterday I write a post on the Garance Dore blog about how I love the summer, but I am looking forward the getting back into coats and boots and woolly hats again, and BANG - WHOOSH!

Melbourne today is experiencing torrential downpours, thunderstorms and much cooler weather. (Not quite coats and boots, but definitely cardigans!).  My poor greyhound is cowering under the dining table, it took me 30 minutes to drive to work (instead of the usual 10 minutes) and my shoes got wet and have lost part of their soles! 

Still: I get to jog in the rain tonight and get soaking wet.  
I don't have to water the garden.
I get to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof.
My mother gets to sleep in comfort.

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