Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mums and hugs

I was thinking about my mum today.  And yesterday. And everyday.  She is still alive at 87 years young, although not in great health.

This year I have literally run away to mums when things have gotten a bit tough.  I run to her for a cup of tea, some toast and a big nonjudgmental hug.  

After a few hours, I am ready to face the world again. 

I love my mum, and I don't want to think about life without her.

Gala Darling (one of the blogs I follow) wrote about Amma. 

Gala queued up for a hug from Amma, a complete stranger, because she is the 'saint' of hugs.  

Amma travels the world offering hugs to anyone; no cost, no expectations.  (Amma means mother.)  Gala said it was a warming and moving experience.  

I hope that my hugs mean that much to someone.  As a mother I love my child.  As a friend I love my friends. As a sister, daughter, aunt; I give hugs because I love. 

Hugs to you all.  


  1. I love your hugs and appreciate them. Coming from a family that does not hug yours are great. Thanks my dear friend.