Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wardrobe de-cluttering continued....

My great clothing de-clutter has gained momentum.  I have effectively halved my clothing and shoes - because I have nowhere to put them - and I dread the thought of hauling them around again if I have to move.  

I love Garanace Dore's principles of de-cluttering and creating the perfect wardrobe.  

1. If you have fewer choices you have to be more creative with what you wear

2. The perfect piece (hunted out and not compromised on) brings eternal joy to wear. 

3. I am not Elle MacPherson (or Giselle B.) so this item is not for me to wear ... ever ... yes really!

4. Have a role model (I love the relaxed style of Jane Birkin: pics of Jane below) 

5. Dress for the life you want, not the life you have ( I want to be a beach bum ... hmmm ... doesn't quite fit the corporate world I work in - Ugg boots to work anyone?)

In one of my previous blogs I used the book 'Style Statement' to establish my clothing style. 

I am a cherished bohemian, with a side order of feminine.   

I wonder if I can also add ..'and sand between my toes'.  

What am I wearing today?

A shortish grey and white leopard print 3/4 sleeve dress (op shop bargain) with black jodhpur leggings, long black biker-style boots with leg warmers poking out of the top.

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