Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sorry to indulge.. me and Sir David!!!!!!!!

Hi All, 

Just a quick one .... I had the ultimate pleasure and excitement of meeting Sir David Attenborough yesterday at the Monash Science Centre.  

What a lovely, lovely, sincere man.  His documentary series and his book 'Life on Earth' were profound influences on me when I was in my late teens, and I am eternally grateful to him, even though he doesn't know it (although I tried to tell him). 

His legacy has continued to contribute to my life in many positive ways. 

Below - the proof, with my good friend Cilla who was as excited as me!!!!!!!!!!

What did we chat about????   For me to know ....

Many thanks to Steve Morton for taking the photo and forwarding it to me.


  1. That is sooooo cool Sanja, are you going to frame that photo?

  2. Ha, I think I am going to gold plate it! xx