Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas is coming, and so are the holidays

The time between Christmas and New Year is my sleep time, my read time, my walk on the beach, surf and yoga time: my do nothing for anyone else/see no one time.  
I want to be selfish and spend time with myself and get to know myself again. 

Recalibrate who I am.

Life is too frenetic for me at the best of times, and to do nothing but recharge the batteries and my return to a semblance of sanity is my idea of bliss at its most blissful. 

I will also eat lots of fruit, bake bread, eat simple and nourishing food and heal myself back to well and whole.

What will I be reading?
I will probably reread:
How to be a woman by Kaitlyn Moran - (funny!)
Love is a mix tape by Rob Sheffield - (poignant)
I’m with the band by Pamela Des Barres - (amazing!)

I also want to read:
The two Dalai Lama books that have been sitting there waiting to be read
Lots of Kate Elliot fantasy books (if I can find them in the library)

January will be the time to do stuff:
More painting and renovating at the Seachange
Gardening (de-jungling) at the Seachange
My community volunteer work
Catch up with family and friends
Plan what my goals and aspirations will be for 2013.

Then, back to real paid work and ease into the year.

Just a side note: Writing this blog has been a positive step towards self affirmation.  I write it; therefore it becomes solid and tangible.  I have told the world 'this is what I think and do', so it become real.  

There is always room to change my mind or modify what I think (nothing is rigid or static), but it has been a great way to get my thoughts in order. And also parts of my life.  I have a long way to go (is this a symptom of getting older?) to being me, but I am aware that I am well on my way. 
Happy holidays everyone.


  1. Hi Scunge
    Hoep you and Sasha have a great Christmas and New Year and you enjoy your reading hope you get to do all you want to do. Hopefully will catch up with you in the new year.
    I would also like to thank you for your blogs I have enjoyed them and visit frequently.
    Love to you Rosexxx

  2. Thank you Rosie. See you in a few days!