Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I heard people ask all winter ‘when is summer going to be here?’ Now that we are having a hot spell (+30C over a few days) people are complaining that it is too hot. 

In the supermarket last night I was talking to a young guy on the register.  He was telling me how he hated this weather – it was too hot to do anything, too hot even for the beach!

I was gob smacked, because I LOVE (notice the capitals) LOVE, LOVE the heat.  Two of my happiest hot day memories was when I was a nut-case triathlete (they don’t call it try for nothing!) and I raced at Noosa two years in a row (and came second in my category both times, may I add!).

I was always behind in the swim, kept up the pace on the bike, but blitzed the run.  Why?  I love running in the heat.  Going for a 10 km run (after a 40km bike and 1.5km swim) was my idea of heaven.  I actually overtook all the fish-finned swimmers and Cadel-like bikers on the run. (Being hosed off by the locals as you run past is pretty good too!)
Being hot makes me feel alive. I move more freely, I feel more motivated, I have creative ideas that I want to do .... NOW.

It reminds me of a James Michener book I read ‘the Drifters’.  (If you haven’t read it, it is a great holiday read.) Britta is one of the characters.  She hails from Norway and craves the sun.  She travels to the great places of sun ... Marrakesh, Mozambique, Spain and Portugal, and refuses to go back to the cold and the Scandinavian half year of darkness. She feels alive in the sun too.  She was the character I identified with most.

What is the point of all this chatter?

Are we ever totally happy with our circumstances?  Don't we always want more or better? Newer, shinier?  (Cooler; as my young supermarket friend wishes.)

My post today is going to highlight what I am grateful for:
The love of my friends and family; I am grateful to be part of their lives. 
I appreciate the experiences that my life's adventure has given me, and I am grateful for that.
I cherish the memories of people I have loved but will never see again, I am grateful to have those wonderful memories.  

I also love the sun and I am grateful that it is summer once again. 

Vive le Soleil (long live the sun!)

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