Sunday, 2 December 2012


22 days until the big day ... again. 

I love Christmas, and I love the idea of a few days off work,after the big day, to rest and recover.  But the lead up is exhausting. 

I try not to be a ‘humbug’, I truly think that Christmas is a special time to catch up with people you love and see so rarely ... it is the reminder we all need to ‘MAKE AN EFFORT’ and put aside other things in our lives.  But ...... I feel so un-Christmas-sy.

I don’t do cards ... I just find that I have no time to do them justice ... I would rather make my own and write something special for everyone ... but it takes time. So, no cards.

Presents ... no adults get presents from me.  Only children get presents.  I make donations to charities and these substitute for the adults’ presents.  (Buy a goat for someone who really needs it! See Oxfam!)

Cooking ... I make cookies etc and hand them out ... if I have time.  Work finishes early this year so; YAY!; I may yet have time to bake.

Tree ... I love a real tree, but because I am selling the house, this year I may have to do without a tree.  Too messy! 

So, why am I always too busy to do anything Christmas-sy?  Because I can’t seem to stop and do Christmas-sy things; because I am doing everything else.

I need to learn to STOP! 

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